South Sea Pearl Beauty Spots

Why does my pearl have a ridge or a spot on it? 

The pearl industry has been flooded with Freshwater & Faux/plastic pearls, often seen in Fashion Jewellery. Overly manufactured pearls can lose their uniqueness and become one-in-the-same. Similarly, faux pearls that are widely used in costume jewellery are created to look picture-perfect leading to the lack of understanding and unreal expectation that every pearl should be perfectly round with an unblemished surface layer. 

South Sea pearls are a gift from nature, taking more than 2 years to silently grow inside the remarkable living organism, the Pinctada maxima oyster. For pearls to form into the majestic and impressive natural gem, the environmental conditions must be pristine. Clean and abundant waters support South Sea pearls to thrive, making the environment AUTORE groups most important resource. 

Every pearl has its own special characteristics. The size, shape, shine, surface and shade define each pearl to be unique from the next. The layer upon layer of lustrous nacre that is built up on the surface of the pearl over the 2 year growing process makes a completely flawless and unblemished surface extremely rare.

South Sea pearls with blemishes, "beauty spots", are common, as ultimately the surface of the pearl is up to Mother Nature, reminding us the true beauty of South Sea pearls are their lustre and individuality. South Sea pearls are the most premium pearl product available, demanding a very high price within the market due to their rarity and quality, and a perfectly clean, loose South Sea pearl can sell for thousands of dollars.  

AUTORE MODA prides itself on the quality of every piece of jewellery. Each pearl is assessed using the AUTORE Five S’s™. Founder of The AUTORE Group Rosario Autore developed the South Sea Cultured Pearl Classification Guide which has been internationally used by the respected Gubelin Gem Laboratories, and was awarded a Medal of Distinction at the French Senate.

The guide considers the quality of a South Sea Pearl based on its Shine, Surface, Shade, Shape and Size, and provides an in-depth explanation to understand pearl classification. Download the AUTORE Five S’s™.