Plateau en marbre rose

$160 $200

Découvrez la dernière arrivée d'AUTORE MODA, nos plateaux en marbre rose , ajoutant du luxe au quotidien à votre intérieur. Élevez vos matériaux pratiques à un standard de luxe avec notre plateau ovale en marbre rose AUTORE MODA.  

  • 13 cm de largeur x 26 cm de longueur 
  • Marbre rose

Achetez des sous-verres en marbre assortis pour compléter votre ensemble.

South Sea pearls

AUTORE MODA sources all South Sea pearls used in their jewellery from their affiliated AUTORE farms located in the crystal clear oceans along the coastlines of Australia and Indonesia and are MSC certified sustainable. The AUTORE Group’s pearl farms are located in Broome, WA and Elizabeth Bay, NT in Australia and in Lombok, Sumbawa and West Java, in Indonesia.

18k Gold Vermeil

Different to gold plating, vermeil is a thick gold-finished material which is a combination of Sterling Silver covered in a layer of 18k solid gold. Vermeil is popular due to its long-lasting wear, giving you the look and feel of solid gold jewellery without the price tag. Gold vermeil is the best quality material you can purchase if you do not wish to buy solid gold jewellery and is becoming increasingly popular as it is the perfect balance of quality and value. All AUTORE MODA pieces which are 18k Gold Vermeil have an 18k gold plating with a thickness of 3 microns.

9k Solid Gold

For longevity, AUTORE MODA has a select collection of 9k Solid Gold Jewellery. 9k Gold is composed of 37.5% pure gold and 62.6% of alloy metals. To create 9k Yellow, Rose or White Gold, different alloy metals are combined with Pure Gold.

For information on all materials used in AUTORE MODA jewellery, visit our materials page.

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