Celebrating International Women's Day - Iconic Women in Pearls

For over 4000 years, pearls have been a prized possession of royalty, celebrity figures, and women all around the world. This International Women's Day, AUTORE MODA is highlighting some of the most iconic women who adored them. 


Coco Chanel was at the forefront of the fashion industry, introducing pearls and gemstones into her collections, creating iconic pieces which are still popular today. Whilst her clothing designs were known for their elegance and simplicity, Coco Chanel’s taste in jewellery was bold. She was rarely seen without her layers of pearl strands “a woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls."


A style icon, Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery was notably one of the most iconic collections and rivalled those of royal families. Within her collection was the famous La Peregrina Pearl, a rare pear-shaped pearl believed to be one of the most symmetrical natural pearls ever found.


Pearls were always the signature look of 20th century style icon Grace Kelly, and was her jewellery of choice from her Hollywood days until long after she became Princess Grace of Monaco. When asked about her favourite accessory, she famously said, “I favour pearls on screen and in my private life.”


Of all the pearls, white pearls were Marilyn’s favourite, arranged in beautiful strands or earrings. Her first pearl strand was a string of Akoya pearls, given by her husband, baseball icon Joe DiMaggio during their honey­moon in 1954. This simple pearl strand became one of her most famous pieces of jewellery, with women all over the world inspired by her style.


Known for her elegant and timeless style choices, Jacqueline Kennedy’s style inspired an entire generation of women, and her famous quote, “pearls are always appropriate,” set the tone. She had a way of combining a sophisticated style with a chic and modern aesthetic.


Often spotted wearing pearl jewellery, Princess Diana had a fondness the gem. From her collection, one of her favourites was the pearl, diamond and sapphire choker. Originally a brooch which was later modified, it was a wedding gift given to the Princess by Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, and was famously paired with the Revenge Dress worn in 1994.