Gift Guide for the Girl who has everything

As rare as they are beautiful, no South Sea pearl is the same. Making each piece of AUTORE MODA jewellery a unique gift.

When searching for the perfect gift, a South Sea pearl is a thoughtful choice historically a symbol of protection, strength and love, and known for its heirloom quality.

As they are produced by a living organism, every pearl is different from the next, with each individual characteristic giving it its beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so when looking to purchase a pearl, choose something that you are drawn to.

From delicate bracelets, to statement earrings and chic necklaces, the AUTORE MODA range has the perfect selection of beautiful and unique gifts.

Crafted in Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil & 9k Solid Gold, AUTORE MODA uses high quality materials in each Jewellery piece, carefully selecting precious stones including Diamonds & Sapphires to compliment the South Sea pearl. All AUTORE MODA pearls are sourced from the affiliated AUTORE pearl farms, which are renowned to produce some of the best lustre in the market.