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Colour: 10k Rose Gold

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A classic, timeless pair of South Sea pearl huggies. A best seller from our Bridal range. All AUTORE MODA pieces are designed and made in Australia, crafted with ease of wear in mind. As rare as they are beautiful, no South Sea pearl is the same and each item may vary slightly from the image.


  • B Grade South Sea Pearls
  • 10k Solid Gold with 10mm South Sea pearls


  • Available in White, Rose and Yellow Gold
  • Huggy style earring

Please note: Whilst wearing your new piece of AUTORE MODA jewellery, it is important to take care and consideration of all contact the piece may make. We recommend that you remove your piece of jewellery prior to swimming, showering or exercising.


Caring For Your New Piece Of Jewellery

As most AUTORE MODA jewellery is detailed with South Sea pearls, which are delicate and organic gemstone, our pieces require special care to ensure their longevity. We recommend the following advice to keep your pearls, and your jewellery, in the best condition. 

Jewellery Care and Cleaning

Whilst wearing your new piece of AUTORE MODA jewellery, it is important to take care and consideration of all contact the piece may make. We recommend that you remove your piece of jewellery prior to any activities which will result in it getting wet including swimming, showering or exercising. 

Depending on the design aesthetic, AUTORE MODA uses a variety of metals in the jewellery including Sterling Silver, 18k Gold Vermeil and 9k Solid Gold which require regular cleaning. 

AUTORE MODA recommends you gently wipe down your jewellery with a clean damp cloth from time to time to prevent damage from perspiration, oils, toxins or dirt to the pearl or plating of the jewellery. 18k Gold Vermeil will naturally tarnish over time, especially when exposed to environmental factors like air pollution, moisture, and items that contain sulfur, however it is easy to restore the shine of gold vermeil jewellery with proper care and maintenance. 

For AUTORE MODA baby bracelet safety disclaimer, please see here.

Pearl Care and Storage

It is important to clean and store your pearls correctly to ensure they keep their lustre. As they are grown by a living organism, each pearl is slightly different from the next, with beautiful and unique qualities.

It is recommended to store your pearls separately to prevent other jewellery items from scratching the pearls surface.

How to store 18k gold vermeil jewellery:

Store in a safe, dry place, away from direct sunlight. This will help to protect your pieces when they are not being worn. 

Store it with the anti-tarnishing tab that came with your purchase to protect against moisture during storage.

Things to Avoid

Harsh chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, cosmetics and household cleaning agents which contain alcohol can be harmful to the pearl’s lustre and surface, and the plating of the jewellery.

AUTORE MODA recommends that you put your jewellery on last to avoid contact with these chemicals. If your piece of AUTORE MODA jewellery comes into contact with these chemicals, it is recommended to immediately wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Avoid cleaning your pearls with abrasive materials which may scratch the surface of your pearl or plated jewellery.

Metal Care

Over time, Sterling Silver will naturally tarnish, blacken or discolour as a result of every day wear and tear, and exposure to chemicals, acidity, moisture and sunlight.

Similarly, Gold Vermeil will naturally fade over time due to the same factors. Our Vermeil is made with a Sterling Silver base, and 3 micron 18k gold plating. If you notice your 18k Gold Vermeil piece of jewellery has faded in colour, please get it touch at, and we can re-plate your piece of jewellery for $120, including express return shipping. Alternatively you can drop off and pick up from our Flagship Boutique in Double Bay, Sydney and we can replate it for you for $100. The cost of this is based on the fact we have to remove the pearl from the piece, re-plate it with 3 micron 18k gold, and re-attach the pearl to piece. 

    South Sea pearls

    AUTORE MODA sources all South Sea pearls used in their jewellery from their affiliated AUTORE farms located in the crystal clear oceans along the coastlines of Australia and Indonesia and are MSC certified sustainable. The AUTORE Group’s pearl farms are located in Broome, WA and Elizabeth Bay, NT in Australia and in Lombok, Sumbawa and West Java, in Indonesia.

    18k Gold Vermeil

    Different to gold plating, vermeil is a thick gold-finished material which is a combination of Sterling Silver covered in a layer of 18k solid gold. Vermeil is popular due to its long-lasting wear, giving you the look and feel of solid gold jewellery without the price tag. Gold vermeil is the best quality material you can purchase if you do not wish to buy solid gold jewellery and is becoming increasingly popular as it is the perfect balance of quality and value. All AUTORE MODA pieces which are 18k Gold Vermeil have an 18k gold plating with a thickness of 3 microns.

    9k Solid Gold

    For longevity, AUTORE MODA has a select collection of 9k Solid Gold Jewellery. 9k Gold is composed of 37.5% pure gold and 62.6% of alloy metals. To create 9k Yellow, Rose or White Gold, different alloy metals are combined with Pure Gold.

    For information on all materials used in AUTORE MODA jewellery, visit our materials page.

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