Celebrating June's Birthstone: The Pearl

The only month that celebrates with an organic birthstone, those born in June are represented by the pearl, symbolising purity, protection and loyalty. Harvested from some of the world's most pristine and remote waters, South Sea pearls are celebrated for their natural beauty and lustrous finish.
To celebrate, we're giving away a South Sea pearl with every in-store purchase valued over $1000. Available at our Double Bay Flagship until June 15th!
The process of crafting South Sea pearl jewellery at AUTORE MODA relies on both a thriving envionment, and precise craftmanship. An organic gemstone and a gift of mother nature herself, the South Sea pearl is a priceless and unique addition to any jewellery box, with every pearl slightly different from the next.
The largest and most valuable of all pearls, The South Sea pearl is a labour of love, spending 2 years growing in some of the world’s most pristine waters. As with all things, true beauty comes from within, and the inner glow of a South Sea pearl is its most powerful virtue. More information on our pearls here.
Following harvest at the AUTORE pearl farms, each pearl is handpicked for its size, color, and luster, embodying the natural beauty that makes South Sea pearls so sought after. Finally, AUTORE MODA skilled pearl experts transform these pearls into unique pieces of jewellery, blending traditional techniques with modern designs.
Celebrate the month of June with the rare beauty of South Sea pearls, designed for the modern man & woman. Discover AUTORE MODA's South Sea pearl collection.