Our Pearls, Our Producers

AUTORE MODA sustainably sources all South Sea pearls used in their jewellery from the affiliated AUTORE Group pearl farms, allowing us to have full control over the supply chain, and the opportunity for first selection of pearls from the harvest.

Following the harvest at the farms, pearls are transported to the AUTORE headquarters in Sydney, Australia. In spacious viewing rooms flooded with natural light, every single pearl is examined. One by one, the pearls from each harvest pass through expert hands, and are weighed, measured and graded according to the AUTORE Five S’s – Shine, Surface, Shade, Shape and Size™.

    The AUTORE Group owns and operates 10 South Sea pearl farms, harvesting in excess of 350,000 pearls per annum. Situated on some of the world’s most beautiful coastlines and pristine waters, the AUTORE pearl farms dot the crystal-clear waters off Australia and Indonesia, producing some of the world’s finest South Sea pearls. AUTORE has pearl farms in Lombok, Sumbawa and West Java, in addition to sites in Australia off the coast of Broome, WA and Elizabeth Bay, NT. The AUTORE Group is MSC Certified Sustainable.South Sea Pearls - AUTORE MODA