Our Tips to Keep your Jewellery in Pristine Condition

All AUTORE MODA jewellery is made with South Sea pearls, which are a delicate and organic gemstone, and require special care to ensure their longevity. We recommend the following advice to keep your pearls, and your jewellery, in the best condition. 

  1. Care for your pearls, as you would care for suede shoes. Keep them away from water, dirt & chemicals, and store them in their original box. This will ensure they are kept in pristine condition, and aren't damaged or scratched by other items. 
  2. Your jewellery is an extension of your body whilst you are wearing it, so take care. Be considerate of any potential contact the jewellery may make while you are wearing it, including knocking, scratching and getting caught on other items.
  3. Don't wet your jewellery. Remove your jewellery prior to swimming in the ocean or pool, or showering. 
  4. Leave your jewellery at home when going to the gym as perspirations, oils, toxins or dirt can cause damage to the pearl and plating. 
  5. Keep them away from the nasties! Harsh chemicals or beauty products including perfume, hairspray, cosmetics and household cleaning agents which can be harmful to the pearl’s lustre and surface, and the plating of the jewellery.
  6. Last thing on, First thing off. When getting dressed, follow this tip to avoid any exposure to chemicals, make-up or other harsh products.