Our focus: Sustainability

AUTORE MODA carefully crafts each piece of jewellery with a unique South Sea pearl, harvested at The AUTORE Group South Sea pearl farms located on the pristine coastlines of Australia and Indonesia. As the Pinctada maxima is the only living organism to produce a gem, which requires clean and abundant waters to thrive, the environment is one of AUTORE’s most valuable assets required to produce beautiful and lustrous pearls.

The AUTORE group dedicates an extensive amount of time and resources in understanding the surroundings of the pearl farms in order to minimise the ecological impact, ensuring a balanced, diverse and undisturbed environment.

AUTORE MODA's commitments includes:

  • Conscious Farming
  • Hatchery Focused
  • Marine Protection
  • Reef Regeneration
  • Regional Employment
  • Education

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