Caring for your new piece of jewellery

Pearls are an organic gemstone, and require special care to ensure their longevity.

It is important to clean and store your pearls correctly to ensure they keep their lustre. As they are grown by a living organism, each pearl is slightly different from the next, with beautiful and unique qualities.

It is recommended to store your pearls separately to prevent other jewellery items from scratching the pearls surface.

The packaging has been designed especially for pearls and it is recommended you store your Autore Moda jewellery in the original box or pouch.

Autore Moda recommends you gently wipe down your jewellery with your cleaning cloth after each wear to prevent damage from perspiration, oils, toxins or dirt to the pearl or plating of the jewellery.

You can also wipe down your jewellery with a warm, damp cloth with a small amount of soap.

Harsh chemicals such as perfume, hairspray, cosmetics and household cleaning agents which contain alcohol can be harmful to the pearl’s lustre and surface, and the plating of the jewellery.

Autore Moda recommends that you put your jewellery on last to avoid contact with these chemicals. If your piece of Autore Moda jewellery comes into contact with these chemicals, it is recommended to immediately wipe it down with your cleaning cloth.

It is recommended that you remove your piece of Autore Moda Jewellery prior to swimming, showering or exercising.

Avoid cleaning your pearls with abrasive materials which may scratch the surface of your pearl or plated jewellery.