Our Commitment

Acknowledgement of Country

The AUTORE MODA Team acknowledges and pays respect to the traditional owner’s past, present and future of the land on which we work in Sydney, traditionally the home of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, and of the land of Autore Group farming operations in East Arnhem Land, traditionally the home of the Yolŋu people, and Broome, traditionally the home of the Yawuru people.   

The AUTORE Group’s Contribution

For over two decades The AUTORE Group has maintained a focus on quality and excellence across all aspects of the business, and AUTORE MODA is continuing these practices. The Group takes pride in their commitment to preserve and regenerate the environment, support local communities and invest in training and education. Ecological sustainability of the pearl farms, located in the pristine waters of Western Australia and Indonesia, is paramount to The AUTORE Group.

Sustainable Pearl Farming & Environmental Responsibility  

AUTORE has a strong focus on sustainability. We are conscious of our planet and have an ongoing commitment to uphold our social and environmental responsibilities. It is paramount to us to ensure that we consider our environmental and social practices & impact across all aspects of the business.

As the Pinctada maxima is the only living organism to produce a gem and which requires clean and abundant waters to thrive, the environment is one of AUTORE’s most valuable assets required to produce beautiful and lustrous pearls. AUTORE dedicates an extensive amount of time and resources in understanding the surroundings of the pearl farms in order to minimise the ecological impact, ensuring a balanced, diverse and undisturbed environment. 

Our Commitment

Conscious Farming – The AUTORE Group is MSC Certified Sustainable and is a member of The Pearl Producers Association (PPA). Within Australia, there is a quota system whereby a quota is allocated to each farming entity to ensure the sustainable fishing of wild Pinctada maxima oyster, conscious to guarantee an abundance of shell remaining in the wild.

Hatchery Focused – The AUTORE Group has a strong focus on Hatchery grown Pinctada maxima shell to minimise the necessity to fully use our quota for wild fishing. The additional benefit of hatchery produced oysters is that it further promotes an increase of quantities in the wild, due to subsequent spawning which will be a natural result of the added shell in the ocean.

Marine Protection – The AUTORE Group Farms are located in remote and beautiful locations where pristine and abundant waters are our biggest asset. The oceans where the farms are located restrict commercial fishing, providing protection of the marine life and prevention of overfishing. The farming Infrastructure we use in the ocean furthermore provides substrates for marine life to grow and thrive, and attracts fish and sea organisms including marine flora, such as seaweed, and marine fauna including invertebrate and vertebrate species 

Reef Regeneration – Prior to The AUTORE Farms residing in these pristine waters, the areas of some of our farms were exposed to and destroyed by illegal fish bombing practices (dynamite fishing). Since moving to these areas, we have continuously invested and put our resources towards rebuilding the reefs which have been destroyed, propagating corals, and other organisms, which in turn increases fish and sea life.

Regional Employment – The AUTORE Group provides employment in regional areas where employment isn’t readily available, and providing additional employment opportunities for the indigenous communities.

Education - In 2014 AUTORE commenced a collaboration with JARI at the pearl farm in Lombok, Indonesia to raise awareness in the community about the importance of the environmental preservation. The program, which continues to persevere today, aims to increase the level of knowledge and understanding of pearl farming and marine conservation among local primary school students. The initiative strives to communicate the importance of sustaining the marine environment for future generations while providing jobs, education and health care support to the local communities. The importance of employee respect and treatment is one of the company’s proudest attributes. AUTORE continually maintains high standards of employee health and safety throughout all platforms of the operations. AUTORE proudly acknowledges the importance of maintaining a social, ethical and environmental responsibility across all practices within the company

Our Initiatives:

  • Recyclable and plastic free packaging 
  • Limited orders and quantities of products, re-ordering our designs as required to avoid over-stocking items and waste.
  • We have a made to order process with our production team
  • Conscious materials
  • Dedicated to work with likeminded businesses and partners
  • Education for our team and clients on the importance of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, diversity and un-biased inclusion of all people.
  • Inclusive and fair work environment