The Company

Autore Moda is the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Founded by Ruby Autore and launched in 2020, The Australian based company believes in affordable luxury crafting South Sea Pearl jewellery which embodies sophistication, style and modern design aesthetic; key elements of the Autore Moda DNA.

The brand has a strong focus on quality and distinction and each Autore Moda collection is carefully considered and curated. All Autore Moda pieces are crafted with precious and semi-precious stones including diamonds and sapphires, and the largest and most coveted of all pearls, South Sea pearls. The company sustainably sources all South Sea pearls used in their jewellery from the affiliated Autore farms located in the crystal clear oceans along the coastlines of Australia and Indonesia. All Autore Moda jewellery comes with a pouch, jewellery box, certificate of authenticity and a silver polishing cloth.

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The Founder

Based in Sydney and with a background and expertise in Jewellery, Ruby has worked in the industry for 8 years. After finishing high school, Ruby commenced working in the family business Autore Pearls alongside her father Rosario, a pioneer in the pearling industry, and mother Jane, an international award winning jewellery designer. After graduating University with a Bachelor of Communications, Ruby Autore lived abroad in London working with the Autore Pearls international jewellery department in sales, expansion and market research. With a limited choice of fashion South Sea Pearl jewellery on the market, upon her return to Australia, Ruby was inspired to create Autore Moda.